I know what just a day of self-care means to body & mind and i also have experienced what magical changes can happen within one week. I want to pass on this transformational experience and invite you to set up a date with yourself and no-one else.

All retreats are held in cooperation with special & inspiring friends of mine, as i think that through creating and sharing together the idea behind it all becomes more powerful.

Each retreat is unique: All our locations are carefully chosen and filled with lots of love, thought and creativity in order to give you the feeling of maximum wellbeing.

I believe that regularly stepping out of your daily life, taking time to evaluate and reflect where you’re at from a distance, is essential to protect your mental and physical health. I know, taking time for yourself, withdrawing and living slow is a rebellious act in today’s fast paced world, but your entire system will profit and thank you so much for taking this decision.

You can drop all the roles you are trying to hold up on. You find a safe space where you can surrender and go with the flow. Time has no meaning.  Time on a retreat is different. It’s fluid. 

You allow yourself to pull in all the energy that’s otherwise fanned and thinned out in multiple directions. You gather your forces to focus them on something you love. From this place, you get a new perspective, you re-energize.

One of the most beautiful parts of joining (and hosting) a retreat is to be reminded, that we’re all the same - but different. You will meet lot’s of other people in a similar mindset but on completely different journeys with completely different stories.

Connecting, sharing, inspiring.

I promise, you will have an unexpected journey, returning back home with inner peace, lightness and clarity.

I would love to have you on one of our retreats.

Join us.